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How to Determine Who to Reach Out First After a Fight

If we lived in an ideal world, this would not be a question. Couples would not need to determine who to reach out first after a fight or an argument. But we all know we don’t live in an ideal… Continue Reading →

Things Every Woman Should Know Before 30

There is something about being 30 that many women recognise and understand. There is just this unspoken rule that life is passing you by if you are yet to achieve some things; top on the list of which is marriage…. Continue Reading →

9 Reasons to Keep Your Relationship Private

Gone are the days when people would be in a relationship and the number of people that would/could know was limited to their family, friends and probably members of the community that are paying attention. Now, with the advent of… Continue Reading →

Guest Post: How to Ensure Your Relationship Can Handle Entrepreneurship

Written by: Sarah Bull It doesn’t matter whether your relationship is new or if you’ve been a couple for many years; starting a business can be stressful on the strongest of unions. But, starting your own business does not have… Continue Reading →

The Differences Between a Private and Secret Relationship

There was a time before social media when we didn’t feel the need to share our life with the public or find validation from them. But now, with social media, we have this strong urge to share details about our… Continue Reading →

Signs You Are Wasting Your Time in a Relationship

How do you tell if you are wasting your time in a relationship? If you are asking this question, that is already a sign that there is a problem somewhere. Now, I am not saying that immediately means you need… Continue Reading →

Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

Now, don’t we all wish that every man knows what he wants and is completely honest to the woman in his life about it?  I know I do. But we all know that it doesn’t always work like that. Sometimes,… Continue Reading →

Things that Steal Your Happiness: 9 Toxic Things to Stop

Life can be very challenging. I am sure we have all had our shares of life throwing us curveballs. But while some people are able to remain happy and cheerful, some people cannot shake off the constant unhappiness. If you… Continue Reading →

How to Know You Are Not Ready for Marriage

Have you ever asked yourself if you are ready to get married? You might be wondering that this has nothing to do with you because you are not in a relationship. But the truth is whether you are in a… Continue Reading →

Is My Boyfriend Ashamed of Me? 7 Sure Ways to Know

Is my boyfriend ashamed of me? This is a question that should never cross our minds when we are in a happy and healthy relationship. But we all know life is not exactly black and white; there are many shades… Continue Reading →

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