Can two walk together except they agree? That is not me, that’s the Bible in Amos 3:3. If you are a Godly man, it is only expected that you will want to marry a Godly woman.

The truth is even without the Bible saying we should not be unequally yoked; marriage to someone who doesn’t align with your faith is setting yourself up for misery.

A believer and an unbeliever a speak different languages; you will definitely clash, except you are simply a nominal Christian.

However, sometimes, it can be difficult to identify a Godly woman. And that is what this article is for.

How do you identify a Godly woman?


  1. She Is A Believer

In the first place, a woman can only be Godly if she is a believer. But sometimes, our definitions of words can be sketchy.

Some people regard God-fearing people as believers but while every believer is God-fearing, not every God-fearing person is a believer.

Certain people are religious but have not had the salvation experience and it is only through the salvation experience that one can have quickening of the spirit that empowers us to live above sin.

So, the first thing to check is if she is a believer and you can find that out by asking about her salvation experience.


  1. She Is Honest

One of the signs one is a Christian is their hatred for dishonesty; a Christian who is comfortable being dishonest is not Godly and therefore, not mature enough for a relationship or marriage.

If she is still dealing with dishonesty, she needs time to work on that with God.


  1. She Has Inner Beauty

One of the mistakes many sisters in the church make is to neglect their outward appearance to portray how holy they are.

I am sure when Jesus walked the face of the earth, he looked good. There is nothing wrong with looking good; as far as it is modest.

However, the inner beauty is the most important. Even if she has the most attractive figure, wears the most fashionable clothes, her inner beauty is what determines her relationship with God.


  1. She Is Supportive

A Godly woman will be your backbone; she is very supportive of your dreams because she knows that God expects that of her.

She is your greatest cheerleader and supports you both physically and spiritually.


  1. She Is Not Materialistic

For   many years, society has brainwashed women to be lazy and wait on a man to take care of them because apparently, men are the main providers.

But a Godly woman knows she needs to contribute financially to the home as well. She is not materialistic and lazy; she is industrious and making an impact in her own way.


  1. She Is Striving To Be Like Christ

We are all striving towards perfection; that is, being like Christ in our deeds and thoughts. So, one of the ways to identify a Godly woman is that she is striving to be like Christ.

She is meek and teachable, always ready to learn more of Christ to be like Him.




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