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Signs Your Boyfriend Is Taking Advantage of You

When you start a relationship, you are likely starting with the hope that your partner loves you as much as you do. You are hoping that they care about you and your happiness. Unfortunately, not everybody thinks the way you… Continue Reading →

Reasons to Break Up with Someone You Love

There is something about being in love that makes us feel like we can conquer all. Or that we have superpowers and can turn even the worst situation around.  The thing is that, ideally, people who are in love don’t… Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Bring Confidence Back Into Your Life

Written by: Sarah Bull Confidence. It’s how we believe in ourselves and know that we’re able to live up to our potential and goals. Confidence also allows us to take risks and challenge ourselves. And it’s what enables us to build positive… Continue Reading →

Tips to Ask a Guy of His Intentions Towards You

Understanding how a guy feels about you can be very confusing, especially when his intentions are unclear. As a woman, it is completely normal to want to know where you stand in a relationship. After all, you deserve to know… Continue Reading →

Ways to Tell a First Date Went Well

First dates can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. This is largely because you’re getting to know someone new and trying to make a good impression. Unfortunately, you and your date can have completely different impressions of each other. While you… Continue Reading →

Telltale Signs You Are Desperate for a Relationship

It is completely normal for humans to want to love and be loved. After all, love is a fundamental human need and it is natural to want to find someone to share our lives with. However, there is a difference… Continue Reading →

How to Determine Who to Reach Out First After a Fight

If we lived in an ideal world, this would not be a question. Couples would not need to determine who to reach out first after a fight or an argument. But we all know we don’t live in an ideal… Continue Reading →

Things Every Woman Should Know Before 30

There is something about being 30 that many women recognise and understand. There is just this unspoken rule that life is passing you by if you are yet to achieve some things; top on the list of which is marriage…. Continue Reading →

9 Reasons to Keep Your Relationship Private

Gone are the days when people would be in a relationship and the number of people that would/could know was limited to their family, friends and probably members of the community that are paying attention. Now, with the advent of… Continue Reading →

Guest Post: How to Ensure Your Relationship Can Handle Entrepreneurship

Written by: Sarah Bull It doesn’t matter whether your relationship is new or if you’ve been a couple for many years; starting a business can be stressful on the strongest of unions. But, starting your own business does not have… Continue Reading →

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