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How to Stay Positive in a Negative Situation

Life can be good but we know it is not always great; sometimes, it throws us a curveball. But we cannot afford to let it bring us down or let it overwhelm us. We have to find a way to… Continue Reading →

Signs You Are Not Right for Each Other

We all want to be with the person who is right for us. Nobody wants to be stuck in a relationship with the wrong person for them. But we all know that it doesn’t always work like that. Sometimes, you… Continue Reading →

18 Things to Do Before You Turn 18

You might have heard a lot about the things to do at 18. But how about the things to do before you turn 18? I believe it should be a thing as well. So, follow me as I take you… Continue Reading →

20 Things to Do Before You Turn 20

There’s so much that has been written about the things to do before you turn 18 but how about those turning 20? Surely, they also need the necessary tips to prepare to cross such a significant age. That’s why I… Continue Reading →

30 Things to Do Before You Turn 30

Thirty is a significant age; and not so much because anything spectacular happens but I guess because we consider it so. There is usually a feeling or unseen shift we experience when we cross significant ages; both internally and from… Continue Reading →

How to Make a Man Respect You

A lot of people erroneously think women don’t need to be respected. You hear so much talk about women needing love and not respect in relationships. I, however, argue – and I think many women will agree with me that… Continue Reading →

70 Important Questions to Ask Before Marriage

If you have gotten to the stage where you are planning to get married, chances are you assume you know everything about your partner or the most important things, at least. And you’d be right; you do know your partner… Continue Reading →

How to Make Your Relationship More Exciting Again

If you are reading this, then it is most likely that you are experiencing the fizzling out of the honeymoon stage in your relationship. Trust me, just in case you think there is a problem with your relationship, this is… Continue Reading →

24 Romantic Ways to Surprise Your Partner to Wow Them

You have probably heard so much about spicing up your relationship/marriage and finding romantic ways to surprise your partner for no reason. But some people – even during special occasions – do not see the need to do something from… Continue Reading →

Things a Man Really Needs from His Woman

There is so much talk about the things a woman needs from a man and not enough about what a woman can offer a man. Now, that I have started with that, let me quickly say that I think if… Continue Reading →

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