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Habits of Couples Who Don’t Break Up

You are probably reading this because you love your partner and you are hoping you guys last forever. While this is not impossible, I’m sure you know it doesn’t come by simply wishing. Work has to be put into every… Continue Reading →

How to Safely Celebrate Christmas Amidst a Pandemic

This year is clearly unprecedented, at least, for many of us. 2020 is beyond doubt, a year, unlike many others. And unfortunately, we cannot celebrate Christmas like we used to. Does that mean we are doomed to have a sad… Continue Reading →

How to Be a Good Girlfriend to Your Boyfriend

Society has made many women and even men lose touch with what it takes to be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend. And I say men too because a lot of men, unfortunately, don’t even know what they need to… Continue Reading →

9 Ways to Know You Are Someone’s Second Choice

We all don’t want to be someone’s second choice; we want to know that our partner or potential partner considers us their first option and priority. Unfortunately, the dating world is not as simple as that; people stay in other… Continue Reading →

How to Make Your Man Feel Loved

You have probably heard it said that men are not emotional – which is untrue anyway – and so, for many years, we erroneously believe they don’t need affection as much as women do. Some men, sadly, have also bought… Continue Reading →

Clear Signs He Will Never Marry You

I’m sure you don’t want to waste your time in a relationship thinking you will get married at some point only to find out after so many years that, that was never his intention. Many women, unfortunately, have fallen into… Continue Reading →

Habits That Could Frustrate a Man’s Attraction Towards You

Yes, you shouldn’t change yourself! But yes, you can always seek to be a better person! While perfection eludes us as men, we should still seek to be better human beings. If you are attracted to a man and he… Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Being Ghosted

It is amazing how people manage to disappear even with all the technological advancements available now but they happen to find a way. And except you want to go FBI on them, it will be difficult to find them. There… Continue Reading →

Clear Signs Your Relationship Is Suffering

Every relationship has its shares of ups and downs. So, it is normal to experience times when things don’t seem too rosy but if you are experiencing more downs than ups, it might be time to take a step back… Continue Reading →

How to Improve Your Bible Study

Our flesh needs food to survive but our soul needs the word of God to survive. But as Christians, one thing we can agree on is that Bible study doesn’t come naturally to us. Like the Bible says, the Spirit… Continue Reading →

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