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Yes, you shouldn’t change yourself! But yes, you can always seek to be a better person! While perfection eludes us as men, we should still seek to be better human beings. If you are attracted to a man and he… Continue Reading →


It is amazing how people manage to disappear even with all the technological advancements available now but they happen to find a way. And except you want to go FBI on them, it will be difficult to find them. There… Continue Reading →

Clear Signs Your Relationship Is Suffering

Every relationship has its shares of ups and downs. So, it is normal to experience times when things don’t seem too rosy but if you are experiencing more downs than ups, it might be time to take a step back… Continue Reading →


Our flesh needs food to survive but our soul needs the word of God to survive. But as Christians, one thing we can agree on is that Bible study doesn’t come naturally to us. Like the Bible says, the Spirit… Continue Reading →

Seven Sure Signs You Are Destined for Greatness

The truth is every single one of us has the potential for greatness; there is something on the inside of each one of us put in us by God that should spur us to success. Now, I’m sure you have… Continue Reading →

Things Men Can Do that Annoy Women

Last week, I wrote about things women can do that annoy men. I felt it was only fair to write about things men can do that annoy women as well. As a woman and speaking to other women, I can… Continue Reading →

Things Women Can Do that Annoy Men

Society allows women to be vocal about whatever is bothering them because apparently, women are emotional. Men, on the other hand, are shamed for expressing their emotions. So, a lot of men are not as vocal about issues bothering them… Continue Reading →

Signs He Is Not That Into You

Is he into me or not? This is a question that many of us can relate to. The guy could be a friend or a guy we just met and he’s giving mixed signals. Or it could be a guy… Continue Reading →


Relationship is work, and this cuts across all types of relationships. If you want your relationship to grow or last, you have to put in the work. One thing I have realised is that many of the relationships that broke… Continue Reading →

Why You Are in Love with the Wrong Person and How to Stop

Being in love with the wrong person can be emotionally draining. Nobody wants to be in a relationship with the one they love but doesn’t love them back. However, life is not always fair; that is why we have to… Continue Reading →

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