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How to Safely Celebrate Christmas Amidst a Pandemic

This year is clearly unprecedented, at least, for many of us. 2020 is beyond doubt, a year, unlike many others. And unfortunately, we cannot celebrate Christmas like we used to. Does that mean we are doomed to have a sad… Continue Reading →

How to Be a Good Girlfriend to Your Boyfriend

Society has made many women and even men lose touch with what it takes to be a good girlfriend to your boyfriend. And I say men too because a lot of men, unfortunately, don’t even know what they need to… Continue Reading →

Seven Sure Signs You Are Destined for Greatness

The truth is every single one of us has the potential for greatness; there is something on the inside of each one of us put in us by God that should spur us to success. Now, I’m sure you have… Continue Reading →

Things Men Can Do that Annoy Women

Last week, I wrote about things women can do that annoy men. I felt it was only fair to write about things men can do that annoy women as well. As a woman and speaking to other women, I can… Continue Reading →

Habits of a Confident Woman

Confidence is always attractive; this is a simple explanation for why confident women get things done and get people to listen to them. The thing about confidence is that you don’t have to be an expert in whatever you are… Continue Reading →

Keys to Understanding Men Better

A while back I wrote an article on understanding women better at the request of one of my male readers. As I mentioned in that article, he reached out to me to write an article for men to understand women… Continue Reading →

Keys to Understanding Women Better

One of my male readers reached out to me to ask me to write on this topic. He had read one of my articles that he felt was directed at women and felt I should write one that would help… Continue Reading →


Imagine waking up one day to discover that we haven’t exactly lived; we have just been floating through life. We cannot change the past; we might as well not dwell on that. But we have a chance of changing the… Continue Reading →

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

Do you want to be successful? I know I do. But we cannot simply wish to be successful; if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. We need to actually act like successful people. Successful people are successful because they act… Continue Reading →


Intelligence will never go out of date; it is a trait that we always admire in people or feel proud of if we possess it ourselves. There is something particularly intriguing about intelligent women and I don’t know about you,… Continue Reading →

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