Usually all these networks put me in a major snit when they send me utterly ridiculous messages. These messages piss me off to the bones, and that is when I am in a good mood.

Sometimes, I think they time it and send it when you are expecting an important message. For instance, I am in the middle of a job search and the tune of all my message notifications – emails and SMS – is the same.

I go for an interview and while I am expecting feedback, I get update on Olamide and Don Jazzy’s beef. Let’s say since I like Don Jazzy, I might not mind that so much.
But then I get news on Wizkid and Dammy Krane’s issue and I completely lose it. What exactly is wrong with all these networks?

Have they totally lost touch with reality or they are just deliberately ignoring the fact that we all have different news outlets and their attempt at updating us is completely unnecessary, not to mention unwanted?

I had totally given up on them because I was so sure they were irredeemable.
But one day, something happened. They succeeded in surprising me.
I heard the beep as usual and reluctantly opened the message. Then I saw the message below.

“Money is like a loaded gun, it can be used for defense and if used wrongfully, can hurt both the user and others.”

Who would have thought these people would send a message that would come in handy? It was food for thought and it made me think.

Money is good, very important in fact. That is why the Bible did not say “money is the root of all evil”.

Peeps, please work hard, work smart, work legal, work moral, and pray hard till you make that money. Do not go relaxing or giving up till you have more than enough.

You have not gotten anywhere if you don’t have enough to spread around. You are not yet blessed until you become a blessing. Don’t entertain any excuse to remain where you are, you have no excuse to die a poor man.

However, the Bible does say, “The love of money is the root of all evil”. In your quest to be blessed, the worst thing you could ever do to yourself is become a slave to money.

Don’t let money rule your emotions or actions, rather let your actions rule money.

Sadly enough, people are so blinded they don’t understand there is a difference between successful and rich. You could be rich and successful though, but you don’t have to roll in dollars to be successful.

If you find yourself capable of doing unthinkable things for money, then although you own the money, you are the slave and the cash is your master.

You are supposed to spend money, not the other way round. You are supposed to be the boss of money; money shouldn’t be the boss of you. You are supposed to be the master and lord of money, not a slave to money.

There is a thin line between wanting to acquire money and been a slave to it.

Until you understand not to cross that line, no matter how much is in your bank account, you are far from successful but actually pitiful.



  1. Yeah! I know you will do better than most of us in this field already…..hahaa…….That is on a lighter mood. I have heard highly placed spiritual leader saying all manner of things about money and all I do is just laugh, since it does not affect my beliefs. But I just pity their followers. Due to their failure to make enough money and get their money to work for them, you will never hear or see them preach, “Money is a defence”. Hmmm… hear statement like Money can buy you every & anything, but not happiness!! Yes, that makes a lot of sense (like my guy would always say ‘it mark sense’). But I ask my self….”don’t they think”!! If Money can buy FREEDOM, what else or what are we talking about? I am very certain that MONEY can buy FREEDOM, not only FINANCIAL FREEDOM…..But FREEDOM in all ramifications. No wonder a notable man says that “before u say money isn’t good, make too much of it”. Remember a POOR wise man in Eccl 6:15, d scripture recorded that he was forgotten, for what? I tell people this day, if u don’t want to make too much money. Pls make enough of it and punch d rest to propagate d gospel of Christ Jesus.

    Conclusively, it’s painful and I’m saying this with all sense of responsibility on ‘How most people fail to create TRUE WEALTH’. Everyday I see lots of old and young people who trade their time for money (SALARY). And yet they wanna have that money!! Ignorance……. I don’t blame them, cos this is what our conventional education made them belief. But I asked group of elders, most of the retired but with one illness or d other early this week that ‘Don’t they think that in as much that u go to study flight jargon to be a Pilot, go to Theological school to understands nitty gritty of ministry work, study hard & even houseman-ship to become a medical practitioner, spend 7good years to be able to use law terminologies and so on. Then, there is need to understand FINANCIAL EDUCATION? And sincerely 90% of them agreed with me, cos it is when you have understanding that u will be able to work smart, bite more than u can chew….lol
    I can go on & on, but bible says in James 1:5, If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.
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    1. Like I answered you on Facebook, money doesn’t buy happiness. What you do with your money is what brings you happiness. And our definition of success and fulfilment differs. The fact you have more than one or you expect someone to earn more doesn’t mean they are not fulfilled. Plus, there really are more important things in life than money, it’s hard to see but it is true. If all of man’s essence is making money, then they would soon find out it is not enough. I think that’s what those preachers are communicating and I am sure their members understand it does not mean you should not make money but that you shouldn’t let making money be the author and finisher of your life.

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